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Post-Consumer Resin Tubes

Single origin, fully traceable, food-grade PCR for both PBL and LDPE tubes.

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled plastics. The standard PCR found in the market today is made from a variety of plastics which are recycled into pellets to be used in PCR tubes. But where does that recycled plastic come from? PCR is a great way to offer a more sustainable packaging option, but if you can’t trace the origin of your raw materials, how do you know it is safe for your customer. Would you want recycled industrial grease tubes used for your cake icing tubes or oil paint tubes used for your baby’s diaper rash cream? Now Global Pack Source can offer both sustainability and traceability.

Our PBL PCR tubes and LDPE PCR tubes are made from a single source of recycled material. Using only recycled milk containers to create our PCR resin ensures GPS PCR tubes are made only from the highest grade food-safe material. Using PCR made from a mixture of untraceable and unknown sources can lead to unexpected stability issues down the line. Once Global Pack Source PCR tubes are put through stability testing, you can rest assured every order will be made from the same, hi-grade, food safe resin.

Global Pack Source single-origin PCR Tubes help the environment and keep your product safe. Now there is a sustainable option that is good for the environment, good for your product and good for your peace of mind!