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Aluminum Tubes

Perfect for pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic, and art supplies.

Perfect for pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic, and art supplies.

Custom made sustainable tubes

Offered with a variety of different closure options.

Our aluminum collapsible tubes are available in all sizes and a variety of head and cap styles. Traditionally used for pharmaceutical, industrial use and artist paints; aluminum tubes offer the highest protection against air contaminates. Recently, there has been a resurgence in the beauty industry for the retro look of aluminum tubes.

We offer a variety of aluminum tube options including: closed orifice tubes with epoxy phenolic internal liners and a cold seal for non-viscous products.

Our tubes are available in different base coat colors accented with custom printing.

Aluminum tubes can be recycled repeatedly, into a variety of products including tubes, cans, aluminum foil, window frames, garden furniture, automotive and aircraft components, as well as many other products.

Global Pack Source offers aluminum tubes made from 99.7% pure alloy and Post Industrial Resin, providing the most eco-friendly aluminum tube available on the market today.

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