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What makes Plastic Bottles a Great Packaging Choice?

Bottles are the perfect choice for liquid based products – offering great choices in size, color and shape. Plastic bottles can be recycled into numerous different products, everything from carpet to jeans to other plastic bottles making them an environmentally friendly packaging.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Most plastic bottles are made from HDPE resin, as it provides a bottle that is economical, impact resistant and has a good moisture barrier. HDPE can be used with numerous products including acids and caustics but should never be used with solvents. HDPE offers good protection at temperatures below freezing but is not compatible with products filled at over 160°F or with any products that requires a vacuum seal. HDPE is naturally translucent and works very well with silk screen decoration. When adding color to HDPE it will become opaque but not glossy.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride Bottles)

PVC bottles are naturally clear and have excellent resistance to oils. PVC has a very low oxygen transmission providing a good barrier to most gases. While PVC is chemically resistant it is vulnerable to solvents. Used for anything from salad oil to mineral oil to shampoo, PVC is a versatile material. However, it will distort at high temperatures making it incompatible with hot filled products.

PET (Polyester Bottles)

PET bottles are most commonly used for carbonated beverages, water and other food products. PET provides a good barrier for alcohol and essential oils and is generally resistant to chemicals. Exceptions to this include acetone and ketones, which will attack PET. PET is not resistant to high temperatures making hot fill not possible. PET bottles come in a large variety of shapes including

  • Apothecary
  • Household
  • Ovals
  • Round Shoulder
  • Jar
  • Cylinders
  • Sprayers
  • Pinch Waste

Shapes Available:

  • Boston round
  • Bullet
  • Rocket
  • Cylinder
  • Shoulder round
  • Soft shoulder round
  • Oblong
  • Hand grip
  • Sprayer
  • F-Style handle
  • Modern Round
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