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Ewww What’s that Smell? A Simple Plan to Choose the correct Packaging for your Product

5 Worst Tube Packaging Disasters and How to Avoid Them


Many things can go wrong when working through the product development cycle – One of them should not be problems with the tube packaging you choose.
By understanding each manufacturing procedure, Global Pack Source helps our clients eliminate downstream tube packaging problems, such as how to avoid issues with unwanted odors.


You have finalized your formula and decided on a filling company. Next, the tube size(s) have been carefully chosen and the art review has been completed, for what you think is the perfect packaging. Finally, your tubes are filled on time and shipped to you.
Above all, the product distribution is superb and the tubes are now in the open market. But then, the calls start coming in.
People can smell your product through the tube wall!

What happened?
Since your product contains a fragrance or an essential oil, the contents of the tube (your product) overpowered the barrier properties of the tube resin. As a result, the aroma escaped through the tube.
Always perform a stability test prior to a new product launch, formula change or tube supply change.
In order to fix the odor issue you need to switch to an EVOH tube. By and large, the barrier properties of EVOH extruded tubes and aluminum barrier laminate tubes should be enough to contain the fragrance.

Global Pack Source will be glad to discuss how to avoid these and other problems like:

  • Loose caps
  • Leaking from under the cap, tube shoulder or side seam
  • Foreign material inside empty tubes
  • Material change without client notification
  • Manufacturer change without client notification
  • Old or wrong art version was used
  • Grease on tubes
  • Poor color matching
  • Neck breaks off
  • Missing foil seal
  • Leaking from foil seal
  • Wrong cap
  • Wrong cap color
  • Price increases
  • Extended lead times
  • Poor client relations
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