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5 Worst Tube Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Disaster #1: My tube is changing color!

Many things can go wrong when working through the product development cycle causing a tube disaster. One of them should not be problems with the packaging you decide on.

Let us review and understand each manufacturing procedure to avoid downstream tube problems starting with what can cause tube discoloration.

Scenario: You have finalized your formula and decided on a filling company. You have decided on a tube size(s) and you have completed your art review. Your tubes are filled on time and shipped to you.

Your distribution is superb and the tubes are now in the open market when calls start coming in.

The tube is beginning to change color!

Help! Your beautiful white tube is turning yellow!

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What Happened?

The contents of the tube are not compatible with the tube resin. There was a chemical reaction between the two.

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How to Avoid:

Always perform a stability test prior to a new product launch or tube supply change.


All new products must be matched with compatible substrates. A review of component specifications should be initiated for existing products that are moving to a new tube supplier.

If it is an extruded tube turning yellow, the solution would likely be an EVOH tube which has superior barrier properties.

If it is a laminate tube, the solution would likely be an aluminum barrier tube which also has superior barrier properties.

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